A Silent Auction is held at the Spring Concert each year. In the past, each major section of the band has been assigned a theme and then each member of the section is encouraged to donate items for baskets.  Each member of the section is asked to bring 1 – 2 items for their section basket.
This year, instead of assigning a theme, the student leadership team (drum majors, officers, and section leaders) selected the themes for their section.  Here they are with examples of things each student can bring. You aren’t limited to these examples. You can be as creative as you want with your items.
  • Percussion: Breakfast Basket (ex: muffins, juice, pop tarts, etc.)
  • Saxophones: Summer Basket (ex: sun block, pool toys, Mens/Womens flip flops)
  • Trumpets/Mellows: Bath & Body Works Basket (ex: lotions, soaps, etc.)
  • Flutes: Spa Basket (ex: eye masks, bubble bath, lotion, face masks, etc.)
  • Clarinets: Movie Night Basket (gift certificates to the movies, pop corn, pop corn containers, movie posters, t-shirts,  etc.)
  • Low Brass: Spurs & Cowboys Basket (EX: posters, fan gear, t-shirts, cups, koozies, etc)
  • Color Guard: Health Basket (ex: exercise video, yoga mat, gel insoles, mini pedometer, etc.)
There will be additional baskets that have been donated at the Spring concert.  Anyone who would like to donate a complete basket is welcome to.
Please bring items in by MONDAY, May 22nd.  I will be collecting them after school and will begin assembling baskets on Monday Night (the 22nd) & Tuesday, May 23rd.  The section whose basket brings in the most money will get a small prize at the banquet!
VP, Corporate Fundraising

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