Monday: 8/21

  • 4:30pm- 7:30pm Evening Rehearsal

Tuesday: 8/22

  • 4:30pm- 7:30pm Evening Rehearsal

Wednesday: 8/23

  • 4:30pm- 7:30pm Evening Rehearsal

Thursday: 8/24

  • 6:00pm Meet in Band Hall in blue jeans and band polo
  • 6:30pm- 8:00pm Ram Rally (JMHS Football Field)

Friday: 8/25
Saturday 8/26

  • 10:00am- 5:00pm Mattress Fundraiser (JMHS Girls Gym)

Announcements/ Reminders

  • We are in need of 5 parent volunteers and 10 student volunteers for the
    concession we have coming up on August 31st. Please sign up for this event if you are available. Doing concessions is a requirement for being in the Marshall Band program. If you are having trouble signing up, just send me a quick email and I’ll add you in.
  • Please get the word out for the mattress fundraiser this Saturday through word of mouth, texts, social media, any methods you have at your disposal so that it will be a success.
  • Make sure your fees are up to date.

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