Just a reminder about the silent auction we do every year at our spring concert.  (we auction off gift baskets that the students donate to.)  Each section has a differently themed basket and they are as follows.

1. Flutes:  Spa Basket (Examples: bath bombs, bubble bath, lotions, bath salts, pretty soaps, lotion, etc…)

2. Saxaphones: Pet Basket (Examples: pet toys, pet shampoo, pet bandanna/bows, dog bones, etc…)

3. Trumpets:  Movie Night Basket (Examples: Microwave popcorn, movie tickets, movie candy, sodas, etc…)

4. Low Brass:  Auto Basket (Examples: Armor all wipes, window cleaner, auto air freshener, car wax, sponge, etc…)

5. Front Ensemble-Backyard BBQ Basket (Examples: Seasoning, spatulas, bbq sauce, oven mitt, apron, bbq brush, bbq tools, etc…)

6. Drumline-Golf Basket (Examples: Golf balls, tees, score caddy, golf themed things like coffee mug, golf towel, etc…)

7. Mellaphones – Tea theme basket (Examples:  Different types of teas, sugar, tea mugs, thermos, tea baskets, etc..)

8. Clarinets – gift card basket (examples:  $5-$10 gift cards to all any and everywhere)

9. Colorguard – chocolate lovers basket (Examples:  anything chocolate!)

Please turn in items for the baskets to the band office and the band directors will collect them.
Go Rams!

Kevin Tabb
Director of Bands
John Marshall High School

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