Greetings Ram Band Family,

Just a reminder that the last day to order the 2018-2019 Booster Shirt will be tomorrow, Aug. 14th.  I will be collecting order forms (click her for the order form: Band Booster Shirt Order Form 18-19) and money tomorrow evening at the Booster meeting.  I will also have hard copies of the order form on hand.

It is important to note that the new Booster shirt will be part of the required “uniform” to chaperone events.  Being in uniform helps our students to know who is chaperoning and who they can look to for assistance. Please understand we are not trying to make you buy one more shirt…. I definitely have my share of Band Gear, this is just so that we stand out to our students. If you are not planning on chaperoning this year then wearing your older booster shirts to support will be fine.

Also, as a reminder, all the events in which we will be needing parent chaperones are listed in Charms.  From the event calendar you can click on the “hand” or “turkey”, as Mr. Tabb calls it, and you can sign up for the event you are available to chaperone. If you need help logging in to Charms we will be set up with laptops tomorrow evening at the Booster Meeting to help with that.

I look forward to working with you this year!

Delilah Hernandez
VP, Chaperones

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