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Silent Auction Items Due by 10AM on Tuesday May 22

Just a reminder about the silent auction we do every year at our spring concert.  (we auction off gift baskets that the students donate to.)  Each section has a differently themed basket and they are as follows.

1. Flutes:  Spa Basket (Examples: bath bombs, bubble bath, lotions, bath salts, pretty soaps, lotion, etc…)

2. Saxaphones: Pet Basket (Examples: pet toys, pet shampoo, pet bandanna/bows, dog bones, etc…)

3. Trumpets:  Movie Night Basket (Examples: Microwave popcorn, movie tickets, movie candy, sodas, etc…)

4. Low Brass:  Auto Basket (Examples: Armor all wipes, window cleaner, auto air freshener, car wax, sponge, etc…)

5. Front Ensemble-Backyard BBQ Basket (Examples: Seasoning, spatulas, bbq sauce, oven mitt, apron, bbq brush, bbq tools, etc…)

6. Drumline-Golf Basket (Examples: Golf balls, tees, score caddy, golf themed things like coffee mug, golf towel, etc…)

7. Mellaphones – Tea theme basket (Examples:  Different types of teas, sugar, tea mugs, thermos, tea baskets, etc..)

8. Clarinets – gift card basket (examples:  $5-$10 gift cards to all any and everywhere)

9. Colorguard – chocolate lovers basket (Examples:  anything chocolate!)

Please turn in items for the baskets to the band office and the band directors will collect them.
Go Rams!

Kevin Tabb
Director of Bands
John Marshall High School


General Boosters

3-29-18 Special General Booster Meeting


4-10-18 General Booster Meeting


Schedule For 10/02-10/07



Weekly schedule 9/25-9/30


Weekly Schedule 9/11 – 9/16

Monday: 9/11

  • 7:00am- 8:30am Marching Rehearsal

Tuesday: 9/12

  • 7:00am- 8:30am Marching Rehearsal
  • 7:00pm- 8:00pm Band Booster Meeting

Wednesday: 9/13

  • 7:00am- 8:30am Marching Rehearsal

Thursday: 9/14

  • 7:00am- 8:30am Marching Rehearsal No after school practice!

Friday: 9/15

  • 7:00am- 7:45am Marching Rehearsal
  • 8:00am- 8:30am Pep Rally (blue jeans and band polos)

Saturday: 9/16

  • See below announcements for details about Saturday

Announcements/ Reminders

  • Make sure you get in your second $100 assessment fee.
  • We will wear blue jeans and band polos for the game.
  • If you would like to chaperone:
    • Log into charms:
    • Put marshallband for school code
    • Log into your child’s account with their ID (logging in first time) or password (user generated)
    • Go to calendar
    • Click on the yellow hand for the event and sign up
    • Done

Middle School Band Night Saturday, September 16th

  • 1:00pm Report Time:
    • Students meet in JMHS Band Hall
    • Parent Social with JMHS band boosters in Orchestra Room (wonderful tasty refreshments will be provided)
  • 1:15pm Sectionals (with middle school students)
    • • Go over music for the performance
    • • JMHS student leaders will model marching procedures for the game
      • How to hold instruments at check
      • What is set
      • Horns up
      • And all the infamous stand dancing maneuvers for the game 🙂
  • 2:15pm Marching Rehearsal on JMHS Band Practice Field
  • 3:30pm Tailgate Lunch (Provided by JMHS Band Boosters)
    • Parents, bring lawnchair if you want!
  • 4:30pm Meet in the Band Hall
  • 5:00pm Load Buses
  • 5:30pm Depart for Farris Stadium
  • 6:00pm Arrive at stadium
  • 7:00pm Game Start
  • 8:00ish Half Time Performance
  • 8:30pm Middle Schools Depart
  • 10:00pm Depart for Marshall
  • 10:30pm Arrive/ Unload/ Clean
  • 11:00pm Meeting/ Dismiss

Ram Band Weekly Schedule 8/21-8/26

Monday: 8/21

  • 4:30pm- 7:30pm Evening Rehearsal

Tuesday: 8/22

  • 4:30pm- 7:30pm Evening Rehearsal

Wednesday: 8/23

  • 4:30pm- 7:30pm Evening Rehearsal

Thursday: 8/24

  • 6:00pm Meet in Band Hall in blue jeans and band polo
  • 6:30pm- 8:00pm Ram Rally (JMHS Football Field)

Friday: 8/25
Saturday 8/26

  • 10:00am- 5:00pm Mattress Fundraiser (JMHS Girls Gym)

Announcements/ Reminders

  • We are in need of 5 parent volunteers and 10 student volunteers for the
    concession we have coming up on August 31st. Please sign up for this event if you are available. Doing concessions is a requirement for being in the Marshall Band program. If you are having trouble signing up, just send me a quick email and I’ll add you in.
  • Please get the word out for the mattress fundraiser this Saturday through word of mouth, texts, social media, any methods you have at your disposal so that it will be a success.
  • Make sure your fees are up to date.

Ram Band Weekly Schedule 8/14- 8/19 (Spirit Week)

PDF of the weekly schedule is here: JMHS Weekly Schedule 8-14 8-19

Monday:  8/14  (TWIN DAY)

  • 7 am- 10:30 am –  Morning Rehearsal
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm        Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm        Afternoon Rehearsal

Tuesday: 8/15 ( Hippy Day)

  • 7 am- 10:30 am        Morning Rehearsal
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm        Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm        Prep Days for ALL Band Students
  • 7:00pm            Band Booster Meeting

Wednesday: 8/16 (Beach Day)

  • 7 am- 10:30 am        Morning Rehearsal
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm        Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm        Afternoon Rehearsal

Thursday: 8/17 (Nerd Day)

  • 7 am- 10:30 am        Morning Rehearsal
  • 10:00 am            Senior Mentors Out
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm        Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm        Afternoon Rehearsal

Friday: 8/18

  • 8:00am- 9:00am        Drumline Plays for Freshman kick off
  • 8:00pm- 11:00pm        Ram Band Pool Party
    • Braun Station West Pool 8630 Tezel Rd
    • $5 Admission (Covers Pizza & Lifeguards)

Saturday: 8/19

  • 7am- 10:30am        Morning Rehearsal
  • 10:30am            Dismiss
  • 4:00pm            Meet at Band Hall/ Load Equipment Trucks
  • 5:00pm             Load Buses
  • 5:15pm            Depart for Farris
  • 6:00pm            Rehearsal at Farris
  • 7:00pm            Marching Debut
  • 8:30pm            Depart for Marshall
  • 9:00pm            Arrive back at Marshall/ Meet Dismiss

Announcements/ Reminders

  • Monday is the last day money will be accepted for marching shoes. Your marching shoes will not be ordered if you have not turned in the $39.
  • All band students will go to Prep Days on Tuesday afternoon.
  • If you would like to go the pool party give your money to Kyle Paulma (baritone section leader)

JMHS Weekly Schedule (8/7- 8/12)

Monday:  8/7                                            

  • 7 am- 10:30 am Morning Rehearsal
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm Afternoon Rehearsal

Tuesday: 8/8

  • 7 am- 10:30 am Morning Rehearsal
  • 9 am- 10:30am Marching Shoe Fittings ($39 Cash)
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm Afternoon Rehearsal

Wednesday: 8/9

  • 7 am- 10:30 am Morning Rehearsal
  • 10:00 am Senior Mentors Out
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm Afternoon Rehearsal

Thursday: 8/10

  • 7 am- 10:30 am Morning Rehearsal
  • 9 am- 10:00 am Freshman ID Pictures at Cafeteria
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm Afternoon Rehearsal

Friday: 8/11

  • 7 am- 10:30 am Morning Rehearsal
  • 10:30 am- 12:00 pm Lunch
  • 12:00 pm- 4:00 pm Afternoon Rehearsal

Saturday: 8/12

  • 8:30am- 12:30pm Concessions at Harlan HS

Sign up on Charms or contact or concession chair Armando Bustos and he will sign you up

Announcements/ Reminders

  • We are on need of two parent volunteers for our first concession assignment on Saturday.
  • Make sure you wear white t-shirts for the morning rehearsals
  • Make sure you have water jug (not water bottle) and hat every day
  • Make sure you bring $39 cash on Tuesday for marching shoe fittings if you need marching shoes. This would be all new members (excluding color guard) and returning members who need or would like to order a new pair.

General meeting minutes for May

General Booster Meeting May 9


Silent Auction Items


A Silent Auction is held at the Spring Concert each year. In the past, each major section of the band has been assigned a theme and then each member of the section is encouraged to donate items for baskets.  Each member of the section is asked to bring 1 – 2 items for their section basket.
This year, instead of assigning a theme, the student leadership team (drum majors, officers, and section leaders) selected the themes for their section.  Here they are with examples of things each student can bring. You aren’t limited to these examples. You can be as creative as you want with your items.
  • Percussion: Breakfast Basket (ex: muffins, juice, pop tarts, etc.)
  • Saxophones: Summer Basket (ex: sun block, pool toys, Mens/Womens flip flops)
  • Trumpets/Mellows: Bath & Body Works Basket (ex: lotions, soaps, etc.)
  • Flutes: Spa Basket (ex: eye masks, bubble bath, lotion, face masks, etc.)
  • Clarinets: Movie Night Basket (gift certificates to the movies, pop corn, pop corn containers, movie posters, t-shirts,  etc.)
  • Low Brass: Spurs & Cowboys Basket (EX: posters, fan gear, t-shirts, cups, koozies, etc)
  • Color Guard: Health Basket (ex: exercise video, yoga mat, gel insoles, mini pedometer, etc.)
There will be additional baskets that have been donated at the Spring concert.  Anyone who would like to donate a complete basket is welcome to.
Please bring items in by MONDAY, May 22nd.  I will be collecting them after school and will begin assembling baskets on Monday Night (the 22nd) & Tuesday, May 23rd.  The section whose basket brings in the most money will get a small prize at the banquet!
VP, Corporate Fundraising