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A couple of things that you may not know about why we do fundraising:

  • Marshall has the fewest number of students enrolled in all of the Northside High schools.  Our band is about 160 students.  If 160 students each raised $10.00, we would get $1,600.  If we had 300 students, and they each raised $10, that would be $3000.
    • Props on the marching field like our backdrops from this year’s show would cost the same if we had 300 or 160 students marching on the field.  If we spent $3000 on props, then it would cost us $18.75 per student vs. the $10 per student it might cost larger band.
    • This is the same reason our assessments might be higher than other schools.  Assessments pay for things like camel packs, under armor shirts, etc.  The more you order, the less each one costs.  Because we are a smaller band, we pay more per item.
  • We try to provide as many opportunities for both student fundraising and general band (corporate) fundraising.


Here is the difference:

Student fundraisers:  Students fundraisers run throughout the year.  Money earned will be credited to a member’s account.  Students are not required to participate in these fundraisers, but doing so can help with the individual student’s band fees and trip fees.

Band Corporate fundraisers:  These fundraisers are held in the fall and spring time.   Students are encouraged to provide items to put in different section baskets for the silent auction, attend spirit nights with friends and families, or attend fundraising events.  The money raised goes into the general band fund.

Concessions:  A major portion of the band revenues come from operating concession stands at Gus and Farris Stadiums as well as different sport venues throughout the district.  All NISD high school band and athletic parent groups are required to operate concession stands.  These dates are assigned by NISD.  Other events where concession stands are operated include basketball, soccer, baseball and special events. Students (and Parents) are required to sign up for two opportunities to help with concession duty through charms.