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Ram Band 101

New to the Ram Band?  Here are a few things you will need to know:

Q: what is all this stuff I keep hearing about?
A: check out the Ram Band Terminology page

Q: What happens after Marching Season?
A: The Ram Band Program page will lay out all the different activities.

Q: How many sections are there? What Are they?
A: You can find a list in the Sections are of Ram Band Program page.

Q: How much fundraising is involved?
A:  You can find out everything  you need to know on the Fundraising page.

Q: What do the Band Boosters do?
A: Check out the Band Booster page to see all the ways you can help!

Q: What do chaperones do?
A: Chaperone Guidelines are located under the Band Booster Menu.




Band Camp

Band camp is the time before school when the band works on learning the field show that will be performed during football games and at competitions.  Students work on marching skills as well as music.  It begins in July and runs until school starts.

Students are expected to attend all of the rehearsals during band camp.  If students are going to be out of town, please inform one of the band directors.

Important information about band camp: 

Students need to eat a good breakfast (no dairy) and have plenty of rest the night before.

What to bring to camp DAILY:

  • Beach towel (or large towel) to rest their instrument on or for them to sit on during breaks, hat, sunscreen, water (gallon container is preferred), wear light colored clothes (shorts and t-shirts), no jeans, comfortable shoes (no sandals or flip flops).
  • Instrument, extra reeds, dot books, lyre.
  • Lunch (or they may be picked up and returned during lunch break). There is no access to a refrigerator or microwave, so no perishable items please.  Please do not send sodas or dairy.
  • Frozen bandana for head and neck (optional).

Other activities and events that will happen during band camp:

Uniforms will be fitted (they are meant to be snug), marching shoes will be sized and ordered, paperwork needs to be filled out and returned (medical form, band booster membership, football game food) flip folders (dot books) are to be filled out, pictures will be taken, orders for sectional shirts may be taken, replacement music may be needed to be purchased.


Marching Season Activities

Meet the Ram Band night:  Meet the Ram Band night is held at the end of band camp as a way for the parents to see what the students have been working on.  It is traditionally held the last Friday of band camp.  This year it will be held on Friday, August 14 @ Gus Stadium.  During the Meet the Ram Band night, snacks and spirit items will be sold.  Letterman jackets order forms will be available.

Ram Rally:  Ram Rally is another opportunity for the Ram Band to perform for the school and parents.  It is held on the Thursday before school starts and it held at the football field.  The band marches in and will play some music.  JMHS sports teams as well as organizations will be presented.  After all of the teams and organizations are presented, families are invited to the courtyard where food and spirit items are available for purchase.  Ram Rally will be Thursday, August 20th.

Football games:  The band usually performs at all varsity football games unless there is a competition.   Food may be pre-ordered or it may be brought to them.  The students will have time after school to eat dinner before changing and heading to the football game.  Students will not be allowed to eat in their uniforms at any time.  Any long hair will need to be put up with hair ties.  Students will need to do sock buns.  Students need to have their compression shirts/shorts for wearing under their uniform, long black socks, their music and lyre (if necessary), any hair accessories necessary (hair spray, gel, bobby pins,).   Earrings will need to be taken out or covered in a band aid, nail polish will be removed as well as make up (for band girls.)  Water donations are gladly accepted for football games for their dinner drink.  During football games, chaperones will escort group of students on bathroom breaks.  The school office does pre-sell tickets to each football game.  After every football game, after all of the uniforms and instruments have been put away, the director usually calls a meeting of the band members to discuss aspects of the show.

Band Competitions:   Along with performing at the half time of the varsity football games, the band does many different field show competitions.  The competitions run from late September through early November.  Competitions are held on weekends and may be performed in or out of town.  Parents and other spectators are welcome to watch the performances however there is a fee for spectators at the competitions.  On occasion the director might have available pre-sale tickets.

At competition, students will need to bring money for food as well as souvenirs.  Patches run about $5-$7 and shirts/sweatshirts run about $20 – $30.  Students are required to bring their show shirts and jeans to change into after the show.  Students usually remain in the stands to watch the other performances if at all possible while waiting for the awards to be announced.  At competitions, the stands will be closed to people entering whenever a band is performing.  Entering the stands will only be allowed in between band performances.  Sometimes bands do not perform at their allotted time due to bands withdrawing or other circumstances.





Christmas Dance:  The booster club holds a Christmas Dance for the students.  It is held in the school cafeteria.

Winter & Spring Semester:  Winter and spring semester is concert season.  Students are fitted for their concert attire (tuxes for males and dresses for females) at the beginning of the year.  The tuxes and dresses will need to be hemmed to the student’s height, but the hems are not to be cut.  They will need to have nice black shoes for the concert attire.  Along with the regular band concerts, the jazz and chamber bands will also perform.

During concert season the band will perform for UIL (University Interscholastic League) as well as UIL Solo and Ensemble contest.  If the student chooses to perform for solo and ensemble, they will be purchasing their own music.